Professional Associations

NEAT is a federation of professional and subject associations that serves the interests of educators throughout Tasmania. Membership of NEAT is open to all education associations.

Association for Philosophy in Tasmanian Schools (APTS)

Australian Association of Special Education (AASE)

Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER)

Australian Literacy Educators Association (ALEA)

Australian School Library Association (ASLA)

Australian Society for Music Education (ASME)

Beacon Foundation, Tasmania

Business Educators Australasia Tasmania (BEAT)

Career Development Association of Tasmania (CDAA)

Drama Tasmania [NAAE]

Early Childhood Educators of Tasmania (ECET)

Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA)

Modern Language Teachers Association of Tasmania (MLTAT)

Outdoor Education Tasmania (OET)

Science Teachers Association of Tasmania (STAT)

Tasmanian Art Teachers Association (TATA)

Tasmanian Association for the Teaching of English (TATE)

Tasmanian Geography Teachers Association (TGTA)

Tasmanian History Teachers Association (THTA)

Tasmanian Music Teachers Association (TMTA)

Tasmanian Orff-Schulwerk Association (TOSA)

Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education (TASITE)

Tasmanian Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TasTESOL)


As a common voice, NEAT has an important advocacy role in Tasmania. For over twenty years, it has provided contact with the broader educational community and communication with government. NEAT has access to national projects that provide funding support to build the work of all joint councils in Australia.

NEAT members can access public liability insurance for professional learning events, seminars, workshops and conferences at significantly reduced rates. Note that this insurance does not cover students involved in these activities. Conference venues will often require different compliance with sighting of certificates of cover and currency for student involvement.

NEAT membership runs from April 1st each year. Membership fees are kept low at $120.00 per year.  Insurance is extra but changes depending yearly upon the levels of cover and the number of associations that wish to access public liability or newer products for covering their cyber transactions.


  • Automatic membership of the Australian Professional Teaching Association (APTA).

  • Public liability insurance at a reduced rate and access to additional cover.

  • NEAT news online and APTA briefings.

  • NEAT’s strong network for advocacy of the professional teaching association concerns.

  • Access to professional learning and information sessions that are cross-sectoral.

  • Access to the latest education projects and project briefings from government.

  • Direct input into education policy, especially in relation to teaching matters.

  • Active participation in public debate on association matters.

  • Regular opportunities for no-cost meetings to exchange ideas and interests.

  • Invitations to advertise events on the NEAT and APTA calendars.

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