Welcome to NEAT

NEAT is a federation of professional associations that serves the interests of educators throughout Tasmania. Membership of NEAT is open to all education associations.

What does NEAT do?

NEAT has an important advocacy role and keeps members informed of national and state issues. NEAT offers members contact with the broader educational community and provides opportunities to share issues of common interest. NEAT has access to national projects that provide funding to support the work of member associations. NEAT members can receive insurance benefits at significantly reduced rates. This provides essential cover for workshops and conferences. For details, contact the NEAT Secretary.

Why you should belong to NEAT?

NEAT has a history of providing support to professional associations. NEAT is continually working towards improving the status of educators and advocating on their behalf. For NEAT to act on behalf of all associations, it is vital that there is strong membership.

Current NEAT Executive

President / Treasurer
Dr Jill Abell

Vice President / Treasurer
Dr Julie Rimes

Isobel Williams

Committee Member
Erin Leder

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