Membership of NEAT for 2023-24 falls due on April 1, 2023. The annual subscription is reduced to $100.00 per annum.

An important focus for NEAT in early 2023 is to assist the NEAT member/management committees provide a Child and Youth Safe Organisation Framework (CYSOF) policy to meet the requirements of the new CYSOF legislative framework as it will apply to PTA’S where children and young people are involved, e.g., conferences and events. The CYSOF Bill will be debated when Parliament meets in March 2023 and the Independent Regulator will commence in July 2023.


Automatic membership of the Australian Professional Teaching Association (APTA).
Public liability insurance at a reduced rate and access to additional cover.
NEAT news online and APTA briefings.
NEAT’s strong network for advocacy of the professional teaching association concerns.
Access to professional learning and information sessions that are cross-sectoral.
Access to the latest education projects and project briefings from government.
Direct input into education policy, especially in relation to teaching matters.
Active participation in public debate on association matters.
Regular opportunities for no-cost meetings to exchange ideas and interests.
Invitations to advertise events on the NEAT and APTA calendars.